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The "Pop Music and Art" is an exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, Photography and Video inspired by Music.

"From making sculptures out of melted LPs, to creating album covers and music videos, to playing in their own bands, a new generation of artists is blurring the distinction between the worlds of pop music and fine art", writes art critic Barbara Pollack in the November 2002 issue in Art News.

The artworks featured in Pop Music and Art mirror this new trend and show the enormous impact of pop music - from hip-hop and techno to 1960s psychedelic and '90s grunge. To express this impact, the artists use different media and styles, which range from iconic photo realistic paintings of pop musicians by Dragoslav Milic and Peter Alexander Samuels to black and white pop style portraits by Mather Cohan. They reflect the music stars' apotheosis created by media and the music industry. Allan Linder and Kyle Blumenthal provide headphones with their music-inspired pop art and realistic paintings to allow the viewer to feel the artwork both visually and aurally. The video artist Rene Gabri expresses the nostalgic aspect of pop music his parents used to listen to. Andrew Demirjian, on the other hand, criticizes the commercialism of today's music industry, whereas Romeo Doron Alaeff explores the effect of sad songs showing a girl crying to the music.

Among the works in this exhibition; A video installation that was recently exhibited at the Chelsea Museum of Art by Iranian born artist Rene Gabri. Photography from artist Samm Cohen. Sculpture from a renowned abstract expressionist Robert Goodnough. A series of re-interpreted album covers by painter Allan Linder. This exhibition is curated by Eva Koba.

Painting performance by artist Allan Linder, Music by DJ Dan and Turningheadz and a special dance performance by artist Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz.

Sponsored by CAMPARI ande JEVER Beer.

The exhibition was well attended and spilled onto the street. The DJ's brought up the energy in the room along with Allan Linders amazing painting performance. When the music stops, the painting is done. View the series of paintings below and watch a masterpiece unfold, inspired by music and the art of music. This was nearly a sold out show, and written about in Art News. Thank you Peter for the great photos. Photo Credit goes to Peter Ruprecht.

Thanks Eva, Congratulations on your successful show.
This is Allan Linders final painting titled "Death of a Rose." You can tell by the look on the crowd's faces that Linder's painting process and the transformation was truly unbelievable. Another successful show for the up and coming artist.
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