The Ward-Nasse Gallery is both a respected landmark in Soho and a place of opportunity for artists from around the world. The gallery first opened in Boston during the early 1960's and subsequently moved to it's present location in 1970 when it became artist run.

After 33 successful years representing a legion of artists, Ward-Nasse Gallery is once again breaking the mold by opening another unique artist-run gallery amidst the landscape of more than 150 galleries in Chelsea.

The Artists' Gallery celebrated it's grand opening landmark event in 2002, by exhibiting The Artists' Choice, a group exhibit with works from more than fifty artisans of local, national and international origin, including emerging artists as well as those currently in distinguished museums and private collections.

Our Mission is to provide all artists' regardless of age, race, gender or beliefs the opportunity to present their work without censorship. All modes of contemporary art are exhibited here, from traditionally executed works to more experimental art forms, including music, poetry and dance video and new technology. We believe that artists' choice is today's cutting edge. Special thanks to co-founder Harry Nasse and Allan Linder for all of their hard work. We would also like thank the many, many artists that helped make this gallery what it is. The gallery was established for artists by artists.

All material on this website is copywritten by the individual artist and or the exclusive property of The Artists' Gallery. No part or image may be copied or reproduced either in print or electronically without the written consent of the individual artist or The Artists' Gallery. For additional information please inquire: ArtistsGalleryChelsea @