The Artists' Gallery continues to show works, from more than fifty artisans of local, national and international origin, including emerging artists as well as those currently in distinguished museums and private collections. These are some of the artists that have exhibited in our gallery.

Gary Aagaard

Antonio Adomatis

Lance Amici

Tom Anastasio

Maria Aparici

Raphael Arroyo


Neil Bergh

Michael Blumenthal

Kyle Blumenthal


Melvin Butler

Melissa Christiano

Cathy Elliot

Tim Flach

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Michael Giliberti

John Goetz

Robert Goodnough

Miko Goodnough

T.J. Huff

Mather Kohan

Molly Avery Lawrence

Allan Linder

Jean Mason

Andrea Mc Donough

Steven Meier

Dragoslav Milic

Gabriele Perici

Lennie Peterson


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